I tried to make a skybox in GIMP but when I put it in a scene in OpenGL it was fucking blatantly a cube.

I’m a fool.

Ha, oh well. When in doubt, glitch the fuck out of it.

This is how shrews see the sky when the insides of their eyes are gently twisted with a million tiny pliers, or so I’m told.

3 thoughts on “SKY

    1. You just liked and unliked 8 posts in two minutes and then left the most recent one liked and then commented this on a really old post.
      I was really confused.
      Do you actually like them?
      Appreciate you stopping by anyways ^_^

      1. No didn’t mean to do that my friend
        I liked everything
        My finger can get out of control
        As well as my mom’s nd
        The intention was there
        Their was a lack of follow through

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