When you have 5000 bits of cardboard and nothing to do with it what would you consider a worthy past time? The obvious solution is to set it alight and throw it up in the air so it scatters in all directions, no?
Rosplant Hagknard decided to do exactly this and upon realizing the cardivorous people of Sankrot Beach were facing difficulties maintaining their bovine box population, asphalt jeans putrid nature he promptly slit his own throat whilst forcing pigeon droppings into his mouth which promptly slid out the wound.
The pigeons are no prank riders and promptly saw this trick as an opportunity. The pigeons defecated into Rosplant’s mouth long after he perished, which was shortly after the throat injury.
One particularly stupid pigeon had thoughts:
What if there was no throat slit and our excrement flowed down his arsophagus?
What if there was no corpse of Rosplant, (for surely it shall rot?)
What if we replaced the corpse of Rosplant?
What if we used ceramic?
What if we linked all of these stations up into a tunnel that lead to the river?
This is how the sanitation system was invented promptly one afternoon.

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