Fly news

fly news

This fly has been sitting on my monitor for fucking days now. He lives on my monitor. He is sitting over this as I type this. Can you read fly? You’re
rubbing your little fly hands together like you’re scheming. How long do flies live for? Is he definitely the same one? Thank you fly for spending time with me. Unless you’re planning to lay eggs inside my fucking eyeballs in which case you can piss off.

With that he flew towards my eyeballs but then finally settled on the chest of drawers next to me.

I suppose we came to understand each other.

Some time passed and he stealthily returned to the monitor.

Then he started walking on the desk again. What’s up little fly?

He had a stroll on my keyboard and I was thinking “is he trying to tell me
something?” However he started exploring the desk. I think this is like some kind of city for the fly. I’m not sure what he/she is doing here. It’s not like I leave food lying about.

I used to often say ‘MAGGOTS R FIT’ and maggots are baby flies? Maybe it heard, although for a fly it would have been his great ancestor. Passed down for generations.

My background image is a mountain so it kind of looks like he was climbing.

This must have made him embarrassed as he has flown away.

End of fly news.

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