5 thoughts on “Graves

  1. Very cool, Josh! I want to know what the “wrong” part was about… yeah, I’m sick like that. I love your haiku — is it okay to change the first line to “The half conscious plight” ? The way the poem is currently, there’s one extra syllable. I’d also like to post your cool poem on SlasherMonster Magazine if you’d let me?

    1. You’ll just have to imagine. ^_^ Oh, how did I miss that? Hahah! Yeah, awesome. I’ve been trying to cook up something suitably macabre for SlasherMonster for a while now so it’d be an honour. Thanks Rose 😀

  2. Haha! My imagination can get crazy, so watch out! YAY! Thank you so much!! Do you have a gif or drawing that would go with your haiku, or do you want us to go ahead and make a title card? It’s your call. It will be at least a few weeks; probably the end of August before we can post your great work, because of the other blogger writings on cue.

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