Sparztek’s Gale

Sparztek was stood in a gale. The long grass swayed wildly.
The wind was speaking to him but he could barely make out the words.
“…take your life…”
He scowled. The wind was being a fucking prick.
“..before it ends too soon..”
A cowardly suggestion, a pointless warning. What else?
“You take your life for granted.”
He started to think. For one thing he couldn’t understand why he was stood in this fucking field.
“Go and live your life before it ends too soon.”
The days and weeks had fluttered by recently and he couldn’t remember anything extraordinary. This wind wasn’t so bad… or perhaps the wind saw his face and realised he would piss on its chips, so to speak.
It was over before it begun.
Not his life, that strange experience. He was tugging off his boots in the dim glow of his hallway.
Sparztek felt bitter but oddly refreshed.

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