Can you tell me?
Where can you tell me?
I wonder if it is possible for you to tell me.

I think sometimes that I worry.
I worry sometimes that I think.
Thinkle of the pinkle.
It’s fucking hot.
I don’t know what.

Some rag tag blow up words.
What the fuck are these doing here?
Where did they come from?

Well do you wonder?
Should you ever wonder?
Do you know what the meaning of nothing is?

Have you ever considered you’re talking to nobody but yourself.
What a curious string of sentences.
I’m not sure these sentences are tasty.

They are strange though.
I do wonder what these will make people think?

I read them and think naught.
Nothing of the sort.

Did you think I just wrote that because it rhymed?
I do enjoy a rhyme.
Sometimes I think :
“Oh no time is going far too quickly.”
And the clock hasn’t moved a bit.

A small relief.
The only amount of relief needed.
A drop of weak alkaline.
To the untraceable worry.

At least to me.

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