Electric fork

A hefty crowd of people
Tumbles to and fro
All mocking
All perfect
You walk along the street
As if
Crawling through a ventilation shaft
Your body betrays your every motion
Puss slimes out your nose
Your mouth
Your eyes
Your ears
You are more puss than person
Like a slug you move through this street
“Look at it!”
“Eating our food!”
“Making everywhere DIRTY!”
“How filthy”
“How repugnant!”
That’s what they say
Spitting half chewed food
Into each other’s faces
You pull out a pocket radiator
Evaporate your face goo
And continue to
Your destination
Do they know?
If not, will they learn?
What difference will it make?
Why ask questions?
Just make it happen

12 thoughts on “Electric fork

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