Peace brings with it a confusing short video of apes dancing
The personification of peace is fucking an odd ball, frankly
Deploy the parachute dogs sir, we need thrusting innovation
They float down soft, cheekily pissing on all shrubbery around

Ice park

A perch that sits alone. A perch that gives view of all. You can see everything and everything can see you. Nothing is within reach for you but you can alter it all with no concept of the consequences. You can direct the flow but not the outcome. What for?


Smoke fills my destiny. What chaos awaits? In this inter dimensional neon grid we call human emotion we can only press forward and hope. We can only distort the grid to propel us forwards and out of peril. We can only hope to remember solutions to problems long ago forgotten.


Looking through the cracks in the door way. Wondering whether they can see me. Wondering what they’re going to do next. Doing my best to make a sound. Hoping that they’ll hear me. Shuffling my toes, trying to disturb some long forgotten artefact. Knowing that I may never rest again.