vibrant hues strike forth
crawling out cracks in the ground
it seeps up like roots

climbing in our shoes
and wrapping around our toes
to ever bind us

now that this cold light
has fixed us to the hotspot
we have to witness

whatever unfolds
is happening before us
striking through nerve ends


Psychologically we are prone to attribute our own failure to stuff outside our control. Our successes are all ours.

We also think other people’s success is just luck and their failures are bad decisions.

I intend to solve this with some inane bullshit.

The inane bullshit will ricochet through your mind and through the hallway as you ravenously, drunkenly scream through letterboxes of other people in your building:

“I am going to bludgeon you to death with this unexploded mine I found whilst drowning your pets and also the livestock that you WOULD have eaten for dinner. Don’t bother looking for it, I enbalmed it with 6 litres of piss I stole from the sewer.”