End of film

Melbrook lives in a plastic box full of scorpions.
They constantly sting him but he refused to remove them.
Since it is a public danger the police get involved frequently.




He consistently refuses their requests.

Terrible dog based pick up lines

I think you are daschund and you are giving me a mastiff redbone (coonhound).
Wow you have a beautiful schnauzer, I’d better get to whippet.
You look angelic but I bet you are no saint (bernard).
You must be a dog lover, look at what you’ve done to my schnoodle.
Are you a nerdy bitch or are you koolie?
I was wondering about your xoloitzcuintli, is it coated or hairless?
When I peek a mon you know I’m gonna pinscher
Are you down to pug?




scarves flow wildy in wind
silent dismay for how truth be spind
a new carcus in the sun to rot
a golden opportunity gone to pot

a spineless tactless horse corpse
hastily spits piece meal remorse
jam jar filled with last of delight
rationed for a day filled with fright


Sit with ears seperated
A perforated dish offering strawberries
The seeds carefully picked out
And kept in a mountain off the coast of guava
A sparkling wine drips from a ceiling vent
Cold hands melt your frosty demeanor
A grand corridor filled with precarious vases