The fresh wave revitalises
Much faster than it corrodes
That’s just the short term
Don’t get bogged down now
Get suffocated by vines
Ever constricting
Rapid tightening
Round the neck, into the ears
Artefacts from the sinew
Not for museum
Not for private sale
Just for dirt
Those vines will be part of you
A non hostile growth
A genuine strength
Loss of potential
For the actual
An echo
A truth nonetheless
Use it well
Now let it move you forwards


Watch out valentine
Rocks can burst from your elbows
Faster than you sit up

Be surprised everyday
There’s nothing you seen before
Awaiting quietly

You can’t let it be
Loud, shining, quick and shallow
There’s one way up sun

The earth spins and spins
No one remembers the start
A hunk of bread falls

Well you knew the catch
So don’t lie to my faces
Don’t forget the past