when light first hit your eyes
what did you think of first?
how real the new day felt
or how cold your feet were

the dew gets gulped by the soil
before the sun can sip it away
roots take hold deep underground
a new soul of a plant is forged


mechanism on
souls are sucked through filtered ice
colours refracted
through prism of light
gold plate lining
the tunnel of shadow

how to hate a duvet scrunched up
still warm on the laminate
body heat seeps out
warms the stale air
sneaks out the window
month or so later

gods always laughing
and His hiding place eludes
leaves us with stupid thoughts
ever thought about life
what can birds do wrong
can you still wonder


the skulls like roman emperors
them empty sockets cant remember us
hitch a ride from a half drunk eskimo
get a blowjob from figure skater flo

think bout the last time we had coffee
wonder bout the next time we’ll be jolly
you’d like to read a book but don’t think you can
just pick it up give a page a scan

In the future we will never read again
open our minds put the words in them
we waste our time waiting for a machine
so all our brains are all squeaky clean

ending spirits with a mighty glug
could we stop drinkin if we found the plug?
self defeat, no more than a hobby
cyclical, no ending, probably.

S – quo

play that sick shit
the stuff that makes you fall asleep girl
that stuff that makes dreams fly in a swirl
learning sign language from your imagination
thoughts inflate in your head, make you smarter in your bed

i remember only last year
rivers and streams pulled us apart, combinin dread n fear
but really how could i think without you
all my conscience can drum up is for you

when i look to you all i think is wow
everything i’ve looked forward to is now

let me rewind back a little
since nineteen twenty three, its always you and me
riding the back of the bus
young age petty theft causing all that fuss
swapping our marbles under a bridge
hiding our treasure inside of a fridge

and i’m thankful
for every tiny little bit of peace i’m grateful
every morning counting blessings, spraying lunch with salad dressings
saving up our cash to eat out
never getting nervous and just arsing about

laughin when i picture those times you got mad
you can never deny that some good times were had