Shark Pool

Looking after a small community pool.

Nobody is attending the pool.

Someone walks in.

As they prepare to dive a shark grabs them by the ankles and drags them under.

How did we not notice the sharks?

I guess if nobody is in the pool then we did not need to look for sharks.

We go to the side and start draining the pool.

The sharks become very agitated.

We huddle to the wall of the extremely narrow sides.

We must not drain the water totally because the sharks will be left here.

On that thought a huge Orca bursts out of the pool, smashing the carefully tiled edge of the pool.

As the Orca falls back in to the pool we can see another falling back into the pool.

How on Earth did the Orca fit through the filter?

The sharks seem satisfied and leave smugly.

The mess can wait until another day as we close the pool early and retreat home.