Spare hummus

The fuck is soda

Get a box in let’s find out

Meal is just a hoax

Continous food

That’s the down south trick they say

Eat all fucking day

Get your stomach fat

Get your food all ate

Move on, don’t be late


Uninspired curtains

Blood stains on the lounge carpet

Putrid rancid smell

Bellowed echoed misplaced trust

Ghosts of burn victims

Trapped heir living in squalor

With a dead body


when we’re being chaffeured by our legs through the light blue air in the shadows of the lush green forest the moisture escaping from the bushes an essential scent a essential spice to our breezy mood the friction of the soil giving makes us feel we are planting seeds of joy with each step through the suburban forest a pleasant stream of wind like water on our faces cleanses our soul and purity of thoughts simple and free from things like greed and heartless goals like such a thought would occur during this sweet contrast like a before and after pic to make you really appreciate the distance youve come from that and the difference it makes to your outlook and the community spreading positivity in this manner